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Budget Savvy Ideas for the School Holidays

School holidays are here and are you unsure how to keep the children entertained? There are loads of workshops on offer in Orange, however, most charge fees. You can have fun with your kids without blowing the budget?



1. Check out your local library
Most libraries are financed by your local council and run a choice of workshops during the school holidays. Take the Central West Libraries for example. They have holiday workshops for children such as puppet making and Lego Club for free. Many local libraries host their events on the website and use external event sites such as Eventbrite so always worth a look. Check out whats on at the CWL Website.

2. Plant a vegetable garden
Kids-salad-garden-in-a-boxMost children love getting dirty and that what will happen when you plant a garden with them. You only need the smallest of outdoor space, even a balcony to create a garden. You can use pots, Styrofoam boxes and buckets if you are short of space. Children will want to see the results quickly so it is best to select quick growing vegies and plant that are suited to your region too.
Check out Gardenate to see what you should be planting now for your region.


 3. Mask making

Creating masks with papier Mache is an aged old favourite. It is cheap, easy to do and can produce amazing results. The glue is made from household flour and water and you can just tear up newspapers or catalogues to use over a regular balloon. Here's a great link to get you started and inspired - Kids Spot Website

4. Scavenger Hunt
With a bit of time and effort you can make up a "Scavenger Hunt" list for your kids for when you need to go shopping. Take "Bunnings" for example; "What isle is the staple guns on?" "What potting mix is best for Orchids?" "How many lawnmowers are there?" Try and use age appropriate questions and ones that can be answered by looking and observing, not asking staff members. This will keep the children busy whilst you purchase those items for the new veggie garden.

5. The Great Outdoors
Look up Parks and Walking Trails on your local councils website, you will be surprised how many there are. Pack a lunch and head out into the great outdoors for a day. See who can spot the most birds or find the most interesting rock. You can also go camping in your local district! You don't need to drive 5 hrs for an adventure. One or two nights in the local region can be just as exciting.

There are many things that you can do to keep your children entertained in the school holidays that don't involve a screen or a lot of cash. All it takes is a bit of creativity.


Image from The Micro Gardener