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Cuts to Penalty Rates

making a coffeeThe Fair Work Commission recently announced cuts to penalty rates.  As a business owner and employer you are probably wondering if this affects you. This change is only for Sunday rates in the Retail, Hospitality, Fast Food and Pharmaceutical sectors. The following is a quick summary of the changes;

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Changes to the Age Pension rules - will you be affected?

From 1 January 2017 Government changes to the Age Pension are likely to reduce pensioner entitlements. It's important that you understand how the changes could171944858 affect you.

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Future Proofing

future proofingRecently, the Sydney Morning Herald wrote an article on a Deloitte report that found less than 10 per cent of Australian companies are prepared for the future in a digital age. In this report 84 per cent of Australian human resources professionals stated that their priority is to build an organisation “of the future”.  Only 9 per cent of Australia companies admit to understanding how to build a future-ready organisation. Many Australian companies are focussing on employee retention. Happy employees equal increased productivity and greater retention of knowledge long with many other positives.

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Retirement Rolls Around Faster Than You think


New research shows one in three Australians think retirement is too far away to plan for. That's a big mistake. Take it from me, the day when you're ready to hang up your work boots is likely to roll around far more quickly than you anticipate, and it pays to be prepared.

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